The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 1)

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is the British half-hour series that comes in 3 seasons. This show features Billie Piper who portrayed the role Hannah Baxter. She is a young lady working as a high class escort under a name “Belle de Jour”.

In the first few episodes of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, it’s so simple to believe that the leading character of the story, Hannah Baxter and her part as a call girl is a lightweight character and a one-dimensional curator of the escort anecdotes, providing tricks and tips of the trade for entertainment. Her interest for sex appears too easy and useful to come up with a series. Due to the overwhelming influence of the voice of Belle de Jour, it’s difficult to see and find out the flaws in their lead.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is the show which takes time to build the world before going deep in the complexities of the lead of it, allowing Belle to take the audience to a simple adventure before everything gets complicated. It lets the series to showcase callgirl’s culture, something as fantastical and foreign to a common viewer as the Middle Earth, requiring not just the codewords and rules yet also reorienting the entire audience to view it. The show is meandering over the this particular worldbuilding for the initial 4 episodes of the show, building the relationship underneath the surface with her best mate named Ben, a role that was portrayed by Iddo Goldberg.

The episode 1.5 of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl was the 1st episode to correctly fuse developing Hannah and establish the world of a prostitute. Whilst she has been paired with another woman for a threesome for a long time regular, who was her first client as a call girl, Belle starts to reflect her relationship to a man. It lets her portray her history at the time when Ben started to ask something regarding this new world and bring out a few struggles in the heart of Belle. She is aware that she is only a prostitute, yet when a regular client moves to her friend, she cannot help but to abandon her friend outside of hurt feelings. She feels insulted, damaged, and inadequate.

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In spite of knowing that the tastes of clients are bound to change and quite cynical, she can still experience the pain about abandonment. In general, the story has been much stronger after the episode 1.5. The remaining 3 episodes of the season one are just strong, providing the core conceit in every one that is working for compelling viewing and then asks some important questions. In episode 1.6, her career as an escort is nearly flatlined by a negative review and then pursued a suitor in the non-work capability. In the episode 1.7, the man in the story attempts to understand Belle through joining and being a partner in any of her engagements. In the Episode 1.8, she got an opportunity to be a courtsman.