The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 2)

In the second season of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Billie Piper takes the audience for a ride through the previous two seasons of the series. But the season 2 was prickly and for certain, the first season has been more titillating since it ran with a basic premise of a girl who wears lingerie and performs a soliloquy while having sex. Yet, it was the season that everyone should watch.

Piper played both of the leading ladies in the story who were Belle and Hannah. These are two sides of just one woman. Yes, it is just one person with two different personalities. She is Hannah in the morning but she turns into another “person” having the name Belle in the night.  In the first season of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the audience saw how these ladies led their different lives and everyone indulged in their respective differences. On the other hand, for the season two, it was just about the synergy which is either for worse or for better.

At those times, the cohesion put the lady in harm’s way, yet with no meltdowns, everyone will never reach the crux of the series and that was when the harlot turned to be a writer. The 2nd season began where the season 1 left the audience shouting for more, with the escort personality, Belle, fresh from the whore-house for herself as an independent contractor. She got everything that she needed outside of her pimp and then she was so sure that she did not like to shell out 30% of her income so Lady Stephanie will contract her to the offering of Piccadilly Circus.

However, as the solo entrepreneurs are aware, particularly in this age and day, independent work is a slow work. With no label, it is difficult to be noticed and heard and with no pimp, it might be hard to be visible. The 2nd episode introduced Alex and he was mistaken by Belle as a customer but it was actually just a bloke drinking in the hotel bar. When she brought him back to the room and took his passport and money, assuming that it was the payment, she yielded another leaf. She entered the crazy sex world without pay.

This became a different adjustment for everyone. The only man in the life of Belle that she was not paid to be with was Ben. Up to this particular episode, Hannah and Belle both gave their best for keeping sex as work and Ben as a friend with no co-mingling them both.