The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 3)

In the 3rd season of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Belle has already published her book and is celebrating her success on being an author. Though she is now having a great time after the success of her book, Belle is still in the midst of balancing her life in 3 different personalities: the author, the escort, and being the plain Hannah. Belle broke up with Alex after he chose not to support her with her career.

What makes this part more exciting is the fact that she is interested with her publishing boss. It is where this series gets little steamy in different exciting ways. This season is described by many as both frothy and light, while showcasing its spicy edge. It is packed with crazy encounters and has bits of its plots thrown everywhere. What makes this third seasons still interesting for many is the charm and beauty that Piper has to offer in her role. Trying to bring back the same theme as the first season has to offer, this season still has a lot of sexy and comedic scenes that makes it interesting to watch until the end.

Yes, there is a noticeable subtle character development but it just goes to show that they took efforts in returning from the crippling second season that received a lot of criticisms. In this season, many were impressed with how the production team managed to get back from the criticized 2nd season and how they can make the story run in the most interesting way possible. Bambi got a stable relationship as the season ends and even made several vows for each other before the final episode ended.

There were some critics saying that the end of this episode has shown the dos and don’ts when it comes to dating London escorts. You’ll get to see more of how Hannah is trying to live her life with different personalities and how she tries in being the best version of each persona. Ben finally showed up to some of the final episodes, but Hannah just took his presence as another irritant. Though Ben may have a hard time getting Hannah’s heart after he slept with her married sister, he still claims to love Hannah.

He tried getting back with Hannah but many find it impossible for them to build a good relationship after all that has happened. This is what everyone must anticipate watching on the 4th season of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.